ME! Katharine Emma Paddison.Taken at Princess Tower, 2012. 

                    ME! Katharine Emma Paddison.Taken at Princess Tower, 2012. 

About Fresh men and wet paint

Kate Paddison is a 20-something year-old writer. Graduate of Humber College with an advanced diploma in journalism, and a B.A. in History from Ryerson University, Kate uses the skills that she (hopefully) learned during her many years of education to tell the tale of her life in a series of short stories - both real and exaggerated. 

A note from Kate

Hey ya'll. Great to see you here, reading my "about page". 

I've been struggling lately with feelings of being blocked as a writer. So far in my pretty short career I've been focused on getting my foot in the door - which has mostly been writing for arts and life sections (both for newspapers and online) and doing a little bit of what I really love writing about - travel. 

There is something else that I really enjoy writing about, and that is the ridiculous, and somewhat offensive things that happen to me on what seems to be a regular basis. I've been scared to do that, with my name attached, for fear that it would stop me from getting jobs, and really, for fear of putting myself out there. So, here goes. 

I've started by going back through old journals, notebooks, Facebook statuses, so pretty much anything that I've used as a creative outlet in the last five or so years. This helps me remember which stories are ones that are too good to not put down on paper. 

This website is meant to be a memoir of sorts, because, as I feel, you really are never too young to start your own memoir. It will be a collaboration of stories over years of my life and all the ridiculous, sad, funny, and outrageous things that have happened.  As mentioned above, I have a vivid imagination, so expect these stories to be a mix between real and slightly exaggerated. 

Welcome to my life, where Fresh Men and Wet Paint will always prevail.