Laundry Day

Dec. 10, 2013

Because I'm insane when I do laundry I have to do all of it. Including what I'm wearing.

Today I decided to dump everything I was wearing into the basket - and then put on my parka.

Everything was going well until my new neighbour came in the laundry room. He had some friends over and wanted to introduce me. I go in, sit down, and am chatting away, when one of the friends comments: "take off your jacket and stay a while!"

And so I unzip my jacket...

Dead silence. I look down and it's suddenly those dreams you have in grade 5 when you're talking to the whole class naked.

Except I'm 24 and in my neighbours apartment with 3 of his friends. Naked.

Anyways. Now I'm upstairs. Drinking, heavily. With my parka.

Kate PaddisonComment